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How to enrol in a Solutions Plan:

To initiate a Solutions plan the following forms must be completed:

  1. Administrative Services Agreement (2 pages) - completed and signed by the Employer.
  2. Plan Design (2 pages) - completed by the Employer.
  3. Employee enrolment (1 page) - completed for each employee and signed by both the employee and employer.
  4. All deposits to fund your program to be completed via Interac or a similar direct deposit method or if your corporate account is with RBC, use their free branch to branch transfer.

How to claim your expenses:

Claim forms are available on this web site under forms and may be completed in writing or by downloading the form and open with Adobe Acrobat Reader to edit the form.

To expedite your claims process, please total claim amounts per category of expenses e.g.; Dental, Health, or Vision - showing the most recent claim date in the date section. Please use the same procedure for both Plan Member, Spouse and for other eligible dependents.

Please deliver your claim form and receipts by scanning and attaching them in a PDF format to imax@shaw.ca.

For any questions regarding the enrolment or claims process please contact us via e-mail at imax@shaw.ca. In the event e-mail is not available, please call us at 236 768 7723.

Approved claims are paid out via e-transfer to the plan member's personal bank account. Please complete our direct deposit form and provide a void cheque. In the event of a change in the financial banking information, please report the new information to us at imax@shaw.ca to avoid delays.

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